About Us


Even though a lot these days attracts our eyes, the fascination factor is often fleeting. Geminye Design Group understands that eye-popping graphics and engrossing presentations are enticing and often essential—but lost without creative context and composition

The work of Geminye Design Group draws audiences in, holding their attention, piquing their curiosities and moving them emotionally and intellectually. This effect is too consistence to be explained away by coincidence. Rather, it traces to Geminye Design Group’s artistic philosophies, persistent work ethic and professional integrity.

The job experience of Geminye Design Group was forged in regional, national and international marketplaces. These high-paced, pressure-packed environments shaped Geminye Design Group’s determination to deliver top-quality designs, and defined its strict adherence to deadlines, details and performance demands

From logos to websites to print campaigns to marketing components of every stripe and scope, the work of Geminye Design embodies the best of your business, energizes your product launches, empowers your employees’ presentations and infuses emotional appeal into your fundraising campaigns.


Geminye Design Group is owned and operated by Melinda Stevens Brault, whose award-winning graphic design skills and artistic direction fueled international advertising campaigns and garnered national and regional acclaim for an assortment of businesses and nonprofits.

Exceptional organization skills drive her ability to deliver under deadline memorable imagery and designs. Her international advertising experience includes the creation of marketing and promotional materials and items, packaging and event coordination and managing every detail down to overseeing printing press checks, vendors and artists.

Even for her assortment of organizational and artistic talents—as formidable as they are—it’s Melinda’s abilities as a communicator that make your experience so enjoyable. Melinda understands how to relate to your aspirations, expectations and concerns with earnestness and sincerity. With open ears and an open mind, she quickly builds rapport, establishing trust and earning confidence. Most importantly, she delivers on that trust by creating and delivering exciting designs.

We commonly service local clients in the following locations: Stuart, Palm City, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, The Gardens, West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. Not listed? We provide nationwide Graphic Design expertise. Contact us today to get started.